Innoson Motors doesn't produce anything wants to produce Ventilators? -

Innoson Motors doesn’t produce anything wants to produce Ventilators?

Innoson Motors doesn’t produce anything wants  to produce Ventilators?
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As the government for years has being emphasizing on local content, encouraging the growth of local industries and manufacturers and so on, some of us truly believed in this course.

Some local manufacturers like Innoson Motors have benefited from such Government’s efforts and private spirited individuals to encourage them

Given the harsh infrastructural challenges such as lack of steady electricity supply, failed roads etc, some of these local manufacturers weather all the storms to produce such products, yet some people still cant appreciate all that.

A twitter user going by the handle @SamuelOmogor took to the handle to make the degrading statement about Innoson Motors.

He said Innoson Motors that doesn’t produce a single part of his vehicle said it can produce Ventilators in large numbers and it’s seeking government approval yet some people believed them.

He went ahead to joke over the matter saying even a horn for its vehicle, Innoson Motors does not produce.

This seemed not to go down well with majority of Nigerians even some foriegners alike responded to his comment in a way that showed Samuel was unpatriotic and ignorant.

Some said there is no vehicle manufacturer in the world that produces all the parts in her veicle.

Someone cited BMW for example where he said they do not produce any part of their vehicle some other companies do.

As well, someone pointed out that Honda does not produce all the parts it uses to manufacture.

Many twitter users came for the said critic of Innoson Motors.

The fact remains that, there are vehicle manufacturers all over the world with different qualities of vehicle products.

Countries and citizens of those nations try to encourage and support their own.

But in Nigeria, do we call it inferiority complex or ignorance, some people keep going publicly to run them down.

A few twitter users asked the manufacturing company to sue the twitter user.

See tweets below and please let us know your thoughts on this by dropping us a comment in our comment box below.

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